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How to enable HDMI ALT in android?

by October 26, 2022 0
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Casting your android mobile device onto your television screen has been a significant trend nowadays. It is not only helpful with televisions but also, sometimes, it can be very helpful while you are traveling. You can easily connect your mobile device to the screen of your car and can very well see the map on the net. This is one of the best travel methods; therefore, it is gaining popularity worldwide. Moreover, it can also be highly useful in keeping an eye on the price charts on bitcoin trading platforms.  Read more about interesting crypto news in Best Stock Brokers.

However, connecting your mobile device using the HDMI alt mood is quite popular nowadays. So, if you also have been looking forward to using this feature of android mobile devices, you need to make sure that you are very well aware of the basic information. With all the crucial information, you will refrain from making any mistakes and do it correctly. That is why we will provide you with information about this department today.


Checking first

You need to know that you cannot simply connect your mobile device with the HDMI alt mode in android. So, you must check if this feature is available on your mobile device. Most of the time, the mobile device provides you with these services but is not necessarily available in all of them. So, going through the checking process is crucial for you, and you must ensure that you do things right.

  1. To check if this feature is available on your mobile device, you must go through the Google play store, where all your applications will be available. In addition, you have to ensure that you have an active internet connection with high speed because the application may take some time to download.
  2. Here, you will have to search for the MHL checker application to verify if your mobile device is capable of this feature. Then, you just have to download the authenticate one because there will be multiple options in this application. However, they are not genuine; only the first one with the highest number of downloads will be genuine.
  3. Then, you will have to click on the MHL checker, and the download will begin. Just make sure your internet connection is high speed so that the application can be downloaded easily and with high speed. Next, the application will be downloaded to your mobile device, and you will have to open it. Ensure you check if your android mobile device is asking permission to open the application. There will be some kind of warning, but you must allow it.
  4. After the application is open and installed on your mobile device, you must go to the checking section. Here, you will have to click the check button so that the MHL application can thoroughly check the mobile device. This application is going to verify if the mobile device that you have is capable of supporting the HDMI alt mode.

The HDMI alt mode connection is out of the picture if your mobile device does not support any such feature. However, if this feature is available, you will have to proceed further to connect the device to the TV through the HDMI alt mode.


The process

The HDMI alt mode is not very complicated to go through. But, to pull this off, you must ensure that you are doing everything right. Most of the time, this kind of feature is available on your mobile device, but you have to ensure that it is turned on. You need to follow a few steps to get this done, and we will tell you about it below.

  • To get your mobile device connected to the android television using the HDMI mode, you need to ensure that your mobile is capable of this. To check it, you have to go to your mobile device’s settings, and there, you will have to locate the HDMI section.
  • Most of the time, Android mobile devices have this feature, which is why it must not be very complicated for you to locate it. You can manually look for it within the options and enter the HDMI in the search section of your settings. This will easily help you find this mood, and you must verify it is turned on.
  • If the mood is not turned on, you will find it very difficult to connect to your mobile device through the HDMI alt mode to your computer. So, make sure you turn it on, and the rest of the settings should be on default.
  • After turning the HDMI mood on, make sure to use a USB type C cable to connect the HDMI port in your television with your mobile device. Then, your mobile device name should be seen on your television.

The process is very simple; you just have to select your mobile device name after going through it. Then, the television you are using will reflect your mobile screen, and the HDMI alt feature will start working.