What is an NCC Code?

NCC, National Clearing Code, is a 6-digit unique code that is assigned to all domestic accounts in New Zealand. Sometimes, it serves as a routing Code for International Banking Transactions. This is unlike the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) which is widely adopted. NCC comes into play when processing international payments directed to Bank accounts with no IBAN. NCC is an exceptional Code assigned to a specific Bank that does not have IBAN, ensuring the accuracy of routing instructions and facilitating the smooth transfer of funds across borders. New Zealand Bank Accounts consist of 16 digits, out of them the first 6 digits are NCC.

It supports the international financial landscape by directing payments to the correct destinations, especially in regions where IBANs are not the prevailing standard. NCCs are used in countries such as the United States of America, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

What is the National Clearing Code Used for?

The National Clearing Code is used just as a routing number or identification code for specific Banks in countries that do not have (IBAN) International Bank Account Number. The reason is that IBANs are not used widely. It facilitates the accurate processing of international transactions, ensuring funds are transferred to the correct destination or right account by providing a unique identifier for a specific Bank within a given country.

Benefits of the NCC Code.

Using the NCC Code favours you in various ways, such as

  • This ensures the precise routing of International Payments to the intended Bank.
  • It acts as a unique identifier for particular Banks where IBAN is not widely adopted.
  • It seamlessly facilitates cross-border transactions and processes payments to countries that do not have IBAN standards.
  • This minimizes the risk of misrouting during international transfers.
  • It is quite useful in regions such as the USA, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, where NCC is the standard.

Features That Mybankdetail Provides to Find the New Zealand NCC Code.

It is very crucial to get the right NCC from the recipient to direct the funds into the intended account. You may feel insecure while transferring the funds to someone, especially when you are unsure about the Bank details. Here is why MyBankDetail presents handy features to you. Have a look.

  • NCC Code Search: If you want to find the NCC Code, click on NCC Code Search. Select the Bank, City, and Branch. You will see the list of NCC codes. Now, Select your preferred NCC Code. You will get all the information regarding that NCC Code.
  • NCC Code Validate: If you want to check the NCC Codes, click on NCC Code Validate. Now, enter the NCC code you want to check and click on submit. You will get information about the NCC Code you want to validate.
  • Browse Through Bank: You can also fetch the NCC Code by browsing through the Bank. You will see a list of banks once you click on Browse NCC Code. Choose your preferred Bank and branch from the list and get the details you are looking for.

What is the Difference Between NCC Codes and SWIFT Codes?

NCC and SWIFT codes are different from each other; here is how they differ from each other.

What is the Difference Between NCC Codes and SWIFT Codes?

Basis NCC Code SWIFT Code
Full Form National Clearing Code Society for Worldwide InterBank Financial Telecommunication
Usage It is used in specific countries, especially New Zealand. It is accepted globally for international financial transactions
Purpose It supports transferring money to Banks that don’t have IBAN (International Bank Account Number) It ensures safe and quick international fund transfers and verifies the Banks and financial institutions.

What Information Will You Need to Make International Payments to New Zealand?

To make international payments to New Zealand, you will need the beneficiary's bank details, such as the name and address of the recipient, SWIFT/Routing Number, and account number. If the Bank does not use the IBAN, SWIFT, or routing number, you will need the recipient's NCC (National Clearing Code).

List of Popular Bank NCC Codes for Banks in New Zealand.

Here is the list of popular Bank NCC Codes for Banks in New Zealand.

List of Popular Bank NCC Codes for Banks in New Zealand.

Bank Name Branch NCC Code
ANZ Bank Kerikeri 060350
Bank of New Zealand Aukland 020100
ASB Bank Blenheim 123167
Citi Bank Aukland- Wholesale 312825
HSBC Bank Wellington 302902
Westpac Bank Cambridge 030303
TSB Bank Stratford 153947
Kiwi Bank Kiwi Bank Ltd. Head Office 389000
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ICBC NZ Ltd. 105165


Do You Need NCC Details for an International Transfer?

You will need NCC details for international fund transfers only when the recipient Bank does not have an IBAN (International Bank Account Number).

Are NCC Codes Legal?

Yes, NCC Codes are legal for international fund transfers to Banks that do not have IBAN.

Can I Find My Bank Of New Zealand NCC Code Offline?

Yes, you can find the Bank of New Zealand NCC Code offline. It can be found on the debit card or the Bank statement. Also, you can visit or contact the branch in person to know your NCC Code.

Can I Find My Bank Of New Zealand NCC Code Online?

Yes, you can find the Bank of New Zealand NCC Code online on our NCC Code finder or you can also fetch it from the official website of that specific Bank.

Are NCC Codes and SWIFT Codes the Same?

No, both the codes are different. NCC code is used to transfer the funds to the banks that do not use IBAN. It is especially used in New Zealand. Meanwhile, the SWIFT code is widely adopted for international fund transfers.