What is the Routing Number?

You may have heard of ABA or RTN Number, i.e., American Bankers Association number and Routing Transit Number. They are also known as Routing numbers. Usually, it is a code comprising nine digits used by the banks of the United States to recognize the financial institution on which a negotiable instrument, like a cheque, was drawn. This number is mostly found on the left-hand side at the bottom of your Bank's cheque, right before the accounting number.

A postal code helps direct financial transitions to its intended location. This number is always unique and typically acts as your bank address. Most importantly, ABA (American Bankers Association) assigns a unique routing number to each Bank. It allows electronic routing of funds, such as direct deposits or automatic payments and ensures that money is transferred to the correct destination.

What Are Routing Numbers Used for?

Routing numbers appeared in 1910 to quicken and make transactions more efficient in the United States. Most banking institutions, including payment processors, trade unions, banks and clearing houses, use this code as their unique address. Once the routing number is used with your account number, it becomes easier to locate individual accounts. This number is used for numerous direct deposits and also when making multiple payments.

Here are some ways you can ABA Routing Numbers, which include electronic check processing, paper checks, digital and phone payments, EFTS (Electronic Fund Transfers) or online fund transfers. Note that different banks may have different routing numbers. A routing number used for international wire transfers might differ from your normal routing number. This is why, when you request a routing number, and you are confused, it is important to ask your banker which routing number you should use. The routing number is quite a vital part when it comes to bank transfers.

Features That MyBankDetail Provide to Find the US Routing Number.

You might wonder, where to find your routing number, don’t worry, MyBankDetail offers 3 options to find the US Routing Number. Have a look.

Search Routing Number by Bank: Visit our website and there you will find an option for Routing Number Search by the bank. You just need to select the bank, state, city, and branch to fetch your routing number.

Validate Routing Number: If you want to make sure whether your routing number is correct, visit our website and Click ‘ Validate Routing Number’. Enter the routing number you already have and you will get detailed information on that specific routing number. It will come up with the Revision date, Bank, Address, City, State, ZIP, and phone number.

Browse Bank for Routing Number: Also, you can get your routing number by browsing the List of US Banks we have offered. Select your preferred bank from the given list for detailed information on your routing number. You will find the routing number along with the other details such as Revision date, Bank, Address, City, State, ZIP, and phone number.

What is the Importance of the US Routing Number for Financial Transactions?

The US Routing Number is quite important for financial transactions because,

  • It uniquely identifies specific financial institutions in the US.
  • Helps in setting up direct deposits and ensuring the funds are directed to the correct destination.
  • Allows automatic bill payments while ensuring timely and accurate transactions.
  • Mandatory for domestic wire transfers between banks.
  • Compulsorily required for automated clearing of house transactions, including payroll deposits, tax refunds, and vendor payments.
  • Facilitates check processing by indicating the originating bank.
  • Usually needed for linking external accounts to enable transfers.

Benefits of Using the US Routing Number.

Here is how the US Routing Number brings benefits to individuals holding a bank account,

  • Ensures accurate transactions by directing the funds to the intended recipient while minimizing the risk of errors in financial transactions.
  • It brings seamless efficiency and speed to electric transfers by reducing the processing time as compared to paper-based methods.
  • Facilitates direct deposits of payments like salaries, tax refunds, and government benefits directly to the bank account.
  • Allows automatic billing settlements by ensuring timely payments of recurring expenses.
  • Helps in validating the legitimacy of the transactions.
  • A universal tool for electronic transactions as it is widely welcomed by banks and financial institutions across the United States.

What is the US Bank Routing Number on the Check?

You can find the US Bank routing number in the bottom left-hand corner of the check. It is a nine-digit code. To be more clear, it is the first set of numbers located at the bottom of the check on the left-hand side right before your account number. Note that the account number and routing number, both are different from each other. The bank account number recognizes the bank account of an individual while the routing number identifies the specific financial institution where the check was drawn.

How Do I Find Your US Bank Routing Number Without a Check?

If you want to find your US Bank Routing Number without a check, you have a good many options.

  • On our website, click on "Search Routing Number by Bank"
  • Validate Routing number Tool
  • Browse through the list of Bank
  • ABA’s official website
  • Bank’s official website
  • Check your Bank Statement
  • On Mobile Banking Application

List of Popular Bank Routing Numbers for Banks in the US.

Here is the list of popular Bank routing Numbers for Banks in the US.

Here is the list of popular Bank routing Numbers for Banks in the US.

Sr. No. US Bank/State Routing Number
1. Bank of America, Alaska 051000017
2. The Bank of Fairfield, Alabama 265186594
3. Sunwest Bank, California 322079557
4. Marquette Bank, Texas 111920765
5. Citizens Bank, Newyork 021313103
6. US Bank Illinois, Southern 081202759
7. Capital Bank, Miami 067011760
8. US Bank Minnesota 091000022
9. US Bank Ohio, Cleveland 041202582


What is the ABA Routing Number?

ABA routing number is also known as the Routing Transit Number, a nine-digit code assigned by ABA (American Bankers Association) to each bank in the United States. It identifies particular financial institutions when making transactions such as direct deposits, automatic bill payments, e-fund transfers, and domestic wire transfers.

Do I Need a Routing Number to Make an International Transfer?

Certainly not, you do not need an ABA Routing Number to make an international transfer. You must use the SWIFT Code along with your international bank account number to make an international transfer. ABA Routing numbers are specific to the United States.

When Do I Need My Routing Number?

You will need the routing number for a good many financial transactions such as setting up direct deposits, making electronic payments, automatic bill payments, initiating domestic wire transfers between banks, and processing checks.

What Are the Other Names for Routing Numbers?

The other names for Routing numbers are ABA (American Bankers Association) routing numbers and routing transit numbers. These terms are often replaceable.

What is the Difference Between a Routing Number and a Transit Number?

Well, the routing number and the transit number are not different from each other. It is a nine-digit code and is also known as the ABA Routing number. Yes, it may happen that different banks or regions may use one term more often than the other, however, they are functionally equivalent.