Find Branch By PIN

What is the use of the PIN code?

PIN codes are a critical part of the Indian postal service. Businesses that depend on Indian postal service are highly benefited by PIN codes. In India, one can find an identical street name, town names even city names. In such a situation, PIN codes can help the Indian Postal service in making the difference and better conveyance of their services. PIN codes are unique and are never identical to each other in any manner. PIN codes also eliminate human errors, as the codes enhance the efficiency of the postal services.

What is the structure of a PIN code?

PIN code has a unique format. As mentioned earlier, PIN code is a 6-digit code and each code represents a specific meaning. The first digit depicts the region in India, the second digit represents the sub-region, the third digit shows the sorting district, and the last three digits signify the post-office code. It is the last three digits that details the individual postal address within the respective district.

What is the difference between PIN code and ZIP code?

ZIP code or Zonal Improvement Plan and PIN code are both known as postal codes. ZIP codes are used in the US whereas PIN codes are used in India. ZIP code consists of 5 digits (US has also added 4 digits for better precision) whereas the PIN codes consist of 6 digits.

Is it possible to find bank details based on PIN codes?

It is evidently possible to locate banks using the area PIN code. Third-party websites like is a perfect platform to find all the essential financial details of a bank in India using the area PIN code only.