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What is the format of the US Bank Routing number?

Format of ABA RTN in the USA

There are two forms of ABA RTN, namely, fraction form and the MICR form. The fraction form is no longer used but still kept as a backup in case of MICR failure for the manual processing of the cheques. The fraction form appears on the top of the cheque in the upper right part adjacent to the date.

Let’s assume that the fraction form is CC-AAAA/BBBB. Here the BB represents the center location of the bank checking process but is no longer used yet printed. AAAA represents the ABA Institution Identifier and BBBB represents the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol.

Let us assume the MICR form is BBBBAAAAC. Here the AAAA represents the ABA Institution Identifier and BBBB represents the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol just as it was in case of ABA RTN but in reversed position. C represents the check digit.

How can I find my US Bank Routing Number?

There are many ways to find your routing number-US bank. Below given is a detail description of it:

Checkbook : Routing numbers can be easily identified in your checkbook. It can be seen on the bottom-left corner of your cheque leaf.

Mobile app : Your bank’s mobile app will also have its routing number displayed on the dashboard or the Summary tab.

Bank website : You can always contact your bank for their routing number. Alternatively, one can also check their website for more information.

Third-party website : You can check for the US bank routing number on the third-party website like

What is the difference between ABA and ACH numbers?

ACH or automated clearing house routing numbers are 9-digit routing numbers used during electronic transactions from one bank or financial institution to another. Though both may appear the same but can be different as well. So one should check with the bank or determine the same on your bank’s website.

ABA is used for cheque processing whereas the ACH number is used for electronic transfers or direct deposits. The two digits of the ABA number ranges from 00-32 whereas the ACH number starts with 61-72.

What is the use of the US Bank routing number?

A US bank routing number or ABA RTN is used for various financial purposes. ABA number tells from where money is coming from. Direct deposits, making payments like bills or depositing salary or pension, cheque payment, and to perform wire transfers, one may require to give their bank routing number.

Another thing to be noticed is that your bank may have several routing numbers. Bank mergers and location may result in multiple codes. The code used in cheque processing may be different from what is used in wire transfers and electronic bill payments. So it is always advisable to confirm with your bank which number you must use.