What is the Full Form of the Citibank IFSC Code?

The Full form of the IFSC Code of the Citibank is the Indian Financial System Code.

How to Find the Citibank IFSC Code?

If you want to find the of Citibank, you can simply search “ Citibank bank ka IFSC code” at various points. Have a look,

  • Online Citibank IFSC code finder
  • On Passbook
  • On Cheque leaf
  • RBI Website
  • Citibank Bank’s official website
  • Mobile Banking App

What is the Purpose of the Citibank IFSC Code?

The IFSC Code of the Citibank aims to identify a specific Citibank bank branch involved in electronic fund transfers in India. It facilitates online fund transfers to someone else’s account. Citibank IFSC Code makes sure that the fund is routed to the correct destination.

Where Can You Use the Citibank IFSC Code?

You can use the Citibank IFSC Code when you want to transfer e-funds to someone’s account through RTGS (Real-time Gross Settlement), IMPS (Immediate Payment Service), and NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer). You must verify your Citibank IFSC Code before making a transaction. You can validate it through the Citibank IFSC code list.

How Can I Know My Citibank IFSC Code by Account Number?

The Citibank IFSC code search is not a complicated task. However, there is no standardized process to find the IFSC code of Citibank by Account number. Instead, you can access the Citibank IFSC Code using the branch location. You must know the bank name or branch location to find the IFSC Code. You can find it on your passbook, chequebook, or the official Citibank bank website. And, the easiest way to search the IFSC Code of the Citibank is to use the Citibank

What Are the Benefits of Using the Citibank IFSC Code?

IFSC Code of Citibank offers you a good many benefits. Such as follows.

  • Ensures that payment is transferred to the intended recipient.
  • Facilitates speedy electronic fund transfer through RTGS, NEFT, or IMPS.
  • Prevents the chances of error or fraud that may occur in manual fund transfer.
  • Allows for easy tracking of transactions.


How Many Digits Does the IFSC Code of the Citibank Have?

The IFSC Code of Citibank is a combination of 11 alphanumeric characters.

Where Can I Find the IFSC Code of the Citibank?

You can search for the IFSC Code of Citibank in the Citibank IFSC Code list, chequebook, passbook, Citibank bank’s official website, mobile banking app, or you can also use the IFSC Code finder.

Can I Find the IFSC Code of the Citibank Without a Cheque?

Yes, you can find the IFSC Code of Citibank without a cheque. You can find your Citibank IFSC on the first page of your passbook or you can browse through the list of IFSC Codes of Citibank. You can find your Citibank IFSC Code by bank and city.

Do All Branches of the Citibank Have the Same IFSC Code?

No, each branch of the Citibank is assigned a unique IFSC Code.

Is the IFSC Code and Bank Number the Same in the Citibank?

No, the IFSC code and bank number are both different in the Citibank. The Citibank IFSC Code (Indian Financial System Code) is the same for all the customers of the same branch, while the account number is specific to individual accounts.

Can We Find the IFSC Code of the Citibank in Net Banking?

Yes, you can find the IFSC Code to the branch of Citibank in your net banking portal.

Where is the IFSC Code of Citibank Number on a Cheque?

The IFSC Code to branch name Citibank is printed on the bottom of a cheque leaf, next to the